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Advantages of Flatels

With Flatels, you get a second home in select locations without having to worry about maintenance and operations. You have the flexibility to enjoy your share while benefiting from the income from short-term rentals. It’s a smart way to treat yourself to a worry-free luxury property with exciting investment potential.

How does Flatels Fractional work?

Choice of property

Flatels or the client will find a suitable holiday property. Flatels will thoroughly inspect the property and evaluate its potential.

Purchase and renovation

Flatels will purchase the property through a special purpose LLC. It will then carry out a complete refurbishment and fit out of the property with quality furniture and fittings.

Co-ownership rules

Flatels has established clear rules and sanctions for co-owners. These rules are set in such a way that they do not unnecessarily restrict the owners, but at the same time consistently protect the rights and property of the other co-owners.

Sale of shares

Flatels will sell the Ltd. into 8 equal shares (8 x 1/8). Each buyer becomes a co-owner of the property and can buy 1-3 shares and use the property in the proportion that belongs to him.

Administration and maintenance

For a monthly fee, Flatels provides complete management, maintenance and operation of the property. It takes care of everything necessary to keep the property in perfect condition at all times.

Use of real estate

The co-owners may use the property for their own recreation. In each property, each co-owner will have his/her own space in which to store personal belongings. When the co-owner is not using the property, Flatels will rent it out on a short-term basis to interested parties via platforms such as Airbnb and

Car available

For every foreign property Flatels buys a car. It is available to the owner who is currently using the property. This provides even more convenience, flexibility and savings for the co-owners.

Revenue generation

Income from short-term rentals covers the monthly management fees and generates additional income for the co-owners. The model is primarily intended for own use, but can also serve as an interesting investment.

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