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Who are we?

We are Lukáš and Katka Chlouba, husband and wife, passionate travellers and proud parents of three wonderful children – Eduard, Elisabeth and Albert. Our team is completed by Tomáš Hodoval, Lukáš’s long-time business partner and close friend. Together we founded Flatels in 2016 with a vision to make the convenience of hotel services available to people in the privacy of apartments and condos.

Lukáš and Tomáš devote most of their time, both together and separately, to business in real estate, finance, investments and tourism. Their experience and contacts are crucial for Flatels Fractional.

Flatels family

Why Flatels?

The name Flatels is a combination of the words “flats” and “hotels”, which captures the essence of our concept. We took advantage of the popularity of Airbnb and operated up to 70 flats. Although we later scaled back our activities, our fascination with the sharing economy remained.

In 2020, Lukáš and his family embarked on a planned year-long trip around the world, but due to the pandemic and the arrival of Albert, they had to end it early. So they decided to travel for a few months each year. 

After our return, we have been intensively involved in real estate development and have sold dozens of properties to date.

Gran Canaria

The birth of the idea of Flatels Fractional

Lukáš got the idea for the service co-ownership of holiday properties during a month-long family stay in Gran Canaria. The high cost of long holidays for a family of five led him to the idea of a shared purchase of a flat or villa. The concept of fractional ownership is not new in the world, but it has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, especially in the luxury property segment. But we think that not only luxury properties can be shared.

Flatels Fractional fits in perfectly with current trends:

  • A desire to travel and spend time in beautiful places even on a limited budget
  • Emphasis on sustainability and efficient use of real estate
  • Investment potential and the possibility of property value growth over time
  • Saving on rental costs during your holiday
  • The convenience of a second home without the worry of maintenance and cleaning

Lukáš was enthusiastic about the concept and Tomáš, after understanding, enthusiastically joined in. Since January 2024, they have been devoting most of their time to the development of Flatels Fractional.

The potential and vision of Flatels Fractional

We are at the beginning of an exciting entrepreneurial challenge with huge potential. We have chosen a very difficult discipline, one that requires bringing together a lot of great professionals, money and tenacity to build a community of next generation travelers and cottagers. We believe we are in our prime with the experience and contacts that are essential and will allow us to make this project happen.

A growing community will bring great synergies:

  • Possibility to exchange stays between clients and explore new destinations
  • Sharing multiple properties in one package
  • Discounted fares thanks to group bookings
  • More efficient management and rental through direct sales and sharing
  • And much more

We believe that the sharing economy and real estate shares are the future that will bring value not only to us, but also to future generations.

Flatels team

Become part of the Flatels family!

Looking for a smart way to travel, invest and live a fulfilled life? Join our growing Flatels Fractional community! Whether you’re a family looking for a second home, an investor looking for an exciting opportunity, or someone looking to live smart and add value – we want to get to know you, you’re welcome!

We are also looking for new colleagues to join our team – enthusiasts who share our values and want to contribute to the development of a unique concept. If you have experience in real estate, tourism, marketing or customer care and want to be part of something meaningful from the start, get in touch!

Feel free to contact us to learn more about Flatels Fractional. We look forward to hearing from you and believe that together we can create something special!

Your Flatels Fractional team

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