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Fuerteventura – Island of eternal summer and endless beaches

Posted by admin on 28/03/2024

Head to a place where the sun bathes the landscape all year round, where the red volcanic soil contrasts with the turquoise ocean and where new scenery awaits you at every turn. Welcome to Fuerteventura, the second largest island in the Canary Islands, rightly considered a paradise for lovers of sun, beaches and untamed nature.

Fuerteventura offers an incredible variety of landscapes in a relatively small area. The interior of the island is an arid kame desert with occasional oases of palm trees, while the coastline is lined with endless beaches of fine white sand washed by the waves of the Atlantic. Explore the Jandía National Park with its sand dunes at Corralejo, explore the raw beauty of the west coast with the wild cliffs of Los Gigantes or swim in the clear waters of the Sotavento Lagoon in the south.

The capital, Puerto del Rosario, is located approximately in the middle of the east coast and offers an interesting mix of old and modern architecture. The centre is dominated by the white town hall and a pedestrianised area with shops and cafes. The Centro de Arte Canario is also worth a visit, with its rich collections of local art. Nearby is the airport and port, the gateway to the island for most visitors.

The northern tip of the island is famous for its beaches, which are sand dunes that connect to the desert inland. Corralejo is a lively resort with a long promenade lined with palm trees, shops and restaurants. At its edge begins the Dunas de Corralejo Natural Park, with its sandbanks and pine groves. From here it’s just a short walk to the picturesque island of Lobos with its excellent snorkelling.

On the south coast of Fuerteventura are the popular resorts of Costa Calma and Morro Jable. Here you can enjoy endless walks on the wide beaches or more active pastimes like windsurfing and kiteboarding thanks to the constant wind. The beaches of Cofete and Barlovento under the steep cliffs of the Jandía Mountains also offer magnificent scenery. And to explore the hinterland, head to the ancient towns of Betancuria or Pájara.

Fuerteventura’s climate is pleasant and sunny all year round, with high temperatures moderated by the Canary Current and wind. In summer the thermometer’s mercury climbs to 30 °C, while in winter it rarely drops below 20 °C. It is the consistently warm weather and minimal rainfall that make the island a popular destination for both summer holidays and escaping the cold for the warm embrace of the sun.

Whether you’re looking to laze on the beaches, explore the wild volcanic landscape, historic towns or water sports, you’ll find the perfect setting for a fabulous holiday in Fuerteventura. Discover an island where time stands still, where nature reveals its rugged beauty and where the sun will be your companion at every turn. Fuerteventura will delight you with its authenticity and free atmosphere.

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