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Syracuse – Ancient Jewel of Sicily

Posted by admin on 27/03/2024

Imagine a city where history breathes at every turn, where Greek, Roman and Baroque art blend, and where the azure sea invites you to jump into the refreshing waves. Welcome to Syracuse, one of Sicily’s oldest and most beautiful cities, which will captivate you with its unique charm.

The story of Syracuse began in the 8th century BC, when Greek settlers from Corinth established a powerful colony here. The city had its golden age in the 5th century BC under the tyrant Dionysius I, who made it the most powerful city in the Mediterranean. Ancient gems such as the Temple of Apollo, the Spring of Arethusa and the Ear of Dionysius are still reminders of the glory and wealth of that time.

The heart of Syracuse is the picturesque island of Ortygia, where much of the city’s life takes place. A maze of romantic streets leads you to the Cathedral of Saint Lucia, which was rebuilt from the ancient Temple of Athena. The magnificent Baroque facade, gleaming with the whiteness of Syracuse limestone, hides ancient columns and shards of Greek myth. At the nearby Ortygia Market, you can soak up the authentic atmosphere and sample local specialities such as fresh seafood, sweet cannoli and arancini.

Ancient heritage is literally at every turn in Syracuse. A visit to the Greek Theatre, one of the largest and best-preserved ancient theatres ever, offers an extraordinary experience. It still serves its purpose today and you can be transported back to the time of Aeschylus and Sophocles during classical performances under the starry sky. Nearby is the fortress of Euryalos, a masterpiece of defensive architecture from the 4th century BC. Its battlements offer a breathtaking panorama of the city and the azure sea.

Emerald waters and golden beaches are another of the treasures Syracuse has to offer. Just a short walk from the centre lie the most beautiful beaches in Sicily – Fontane Bianche with its fine white sand and Arenella with its clear sea and limestone cliffs. The Plemmirio Nature Reserve, with its rich underwater life, is also worth a visit and is a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

To experience Syracuse is to touch thousands of years of history while enjoying a lifestyle full of sun, scents and flavours. To have an apartment here and wake up every morning with a view of the shimmering sea and ancient monuments must be like a dream. Strolling along the seafront, watching the fishermen at work and then enjoying a coffee and brioche at the Antica Ortigia café. Let yourself be carried away by the colourful facades of the Baroque palaces and absorb the genius loci of this exceptional city.

Syracuse is a gem not to be missed. Whether you decide to spend just a day or dedicate an entire holiday to them, this corner of Sicily will win you over forever. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty and history of this pearl of the Mediterranean. Let yourself be enchanted by Syracuse.

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