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Taormina – The pearl of Sicily on a cliff above the sea

Posted by admin on 28/03/2024

Imagine a place where time stood still in the 19th century, when the European nobility came here for their Grand Tour. A place whose beauty still captivates visitors from all over the world today. Welcome to Taormina, one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Sicily, which will captivate you with its unique atmosphere.

From the moment you pass through the ancient gate of Porta Messina, you will find yourself in a dream. You enter Corso Umberto, the city’s main thoroughfare, where the glitter of modern boutiques mixes with the stately patina of historic palaces. Let yourself be carried away by a slow stroll, or ‘struscio’, admiring the windows of fashion, jewellery, handicrafts and antiques. You’re sure to find the perfect souvenir in the narrow, flower-scented streets that are permeated with Mediterranean scents.

The dominant feature of Taormina is undoubtedly the ancient theatre, built by the Greeks on a rocky cliff high above the sea. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of azure waves, majestic Mount Etna and the Calabrian coast in the distance. Thousands of years old stone seats beckon you to sit back and enjoy an unforgettable sunrise or sunset. The theatre still hosts prestigious cultural events and is a TOP attraction of the Archaeological Park of Naxos and Taormina.

Gems of history are waiting for you literally at every turn. Corvaja Palace, the 15th century seat of the Sicilian Parliament, enchants with its medieval charm and Arabic elements. It hides a courtyard with a magnificent arcade, a museum and a gallery. Another unique feature is the Naumachia, an imposing Roman building for reenactments of naval battles. And a breathtaking view from the Baroque Square IX. Aprile, with its pavement of Sicilian tiles and balustrade of carved stone.

Taormina is also a city of churches. Above the lively Duomo Square towers the sturdy San Nicolò Cathedral with its beautiful Baroque fountain. The Church of San Giuseppe, adjacent to the magnificent Clock Tower, adorns the staircase. And don’t miss Sant’Agostino with its jagged bell tower. A touch of Gothic is brought by the Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano, boasting a mixture of Arabic and Norman architecture.

To live in Taormina is to be enchanted every day by its beauty and history against the backdrop of turquoise sea and white beaches. Walk along Corso Umberto, sit in a café over a brioche and cappuccino, dine on a terrace overlooking the sunset behind Etna. Having an apartment in Taormina is a dream come true for all romantics and lovers of dolce vita. It’s like falling in love and never wanting to be apart again.

Follow in the footsteps of European nobility and discover the magic of Taormina – the pearl of Sicily that will dazzle all your senses. Let yourself be carried away by the unique genius loci that has attracted artists, poets and lovers since time immemorial. Taormina will win you over forever.

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